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A1 - Surveys, Questionnaires

(Upitnici i istraživanja)


Initial surveys ... results.

A2 - Multilingual dictionary

A2 - Multilingual dictionary (Višejezični rječnik)

Multilingual dictionary


A3 - Entrepreneurial workshop

Entrepreneurial workshop - Poduzetnička radionica


A4 - Typical houses

A4 - Typical houses (Tipične moslavačke kuće)

A5 - Chamomile bags

A5 - Chamomile bags (Vrećice čaja)

Učenici su imali nekoliko vrsta sušenog bilja za čaj koje su morali prepoznati i spakirati u vrećice te ukrasiti pakiranje.

Pulipls had to name several types of dried herbs used for making tea, pack it into bags and decorate the packing.



A6 - Calendar

Calendar 2016

A7 - Food - Survey

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A8 - Recipe collection

Collecting recepies was a long proces.

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A9 - National Dish

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A10 - Cooking the dishes

We have cooked in Croatia, Czech Republic and in Finland

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A11 - Shooting the videos


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A12 - Translation

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A13 - Creating a Menu

Here you can find The Cookbook in four languages.

Croatian       Czech        Finnish        English

A14 - Visiting local food farm


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A 15 (3rd year - Song recording)


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A 16 (3rd year - Teaching songs)

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A 17 (3rd year - Music booklet)

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A 18 (3rd year - Mini project)

Music quiz for the pupils.


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A 19 (3rd year - Restaurant business plan)

A 20 (3rd year - Musical performance)


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