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In order to improve education it is important to include educational institutions into programs whose goal is strengthening knowledge, skills, competences and employability of European citizens, which is what our schools recognize as a point of interest. We expect that including in such programs will greatly increase the quality of work in our school, and that it will also produce a multiplying effect on a regional and a wider level. We would like to improve in the school development plan, employee professional training stood out as a priority through several important segments:
• a more wholesome understanding of education in The EU and creating a solid opinion on the influences of European educational systems, especially their influence on the labour market,
• increasing the interest in programs based on incoming and outgoing mobility, and assuming an active role in integrating the Croatian educational system into the European educational environment,
• acquiring new knowledge, skills and competences needed for the personal growth of an individual in order to increase his competitive strength in a complicate labour market,
• encouraging innovation the exchange of good European practice, all in order to adapt the educational system to the needs of a 21st century student


Inspired by all mentioned above, the inclusion of the school in the Erasmus+ program, and the K2 activity has the intention of achieving the following goals:
- developing entrepreneurship on the first educational level,
- improving linguistic competences of students and employees,
- using ICT in order to improve professional and personal competences.