• School in Velika Ludina, Croatia
  • School in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic
  • School in Kiiminki, Finland
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For our Project we have made a three different designs of postcards which we celebrated some of our activities in the past two years of the project.


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Transnational meeting in Croatia

For the third time we have gathered at the coordinators' meeting. This time it's taking place in Croatia, and we are joined by three teachers from Finland, and five teachers and the principal from the Czech Republic. We have a week of planning ahead of us. In May 2017th the pupils will be participating in this project's final learning activity which will take place in Valašské Meziříčí in Czech Republic.

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My week in Finland

When we travelled to Finland I actually didn't know what to expect, sure I've heard about Finland a lot, we were preparing ourselves a lot but this was different, that was it, our big day was there. I was happy, excited, I couldn't wait to be there. 
And then after a long day we finally arrived, met our families and travelled to our new homes. I already knew that this is going to be a great week.
Me and Vašek were kinda tired so there was no big plan for that day, we just went to check out the school, when we came back we had a great dinner in our new family. We really liked the family. We went to bed at about 10 o'clock.
It was great that the school started at 8:45 in the morning, because we could sleep till 8 o'clock and that was awesome! 

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Snow workshops


On Wednesday the pupils had a winter task. Spring is on its way to Oulu and Kiiminki so we looked for snow some 150 km North-East of Oulu, in the Syote National park and skiing resort.

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Finland - Learning/Teaching Event

The learning event is taking place from April 3 to 9. On their first day the pupils got to know the town and were informed on the activities awaiting them in the following days.
During the Monday activities called „The Olympic games“ the pupils developed their social skills by going through seven training grounds and getting to know their friends from other countries.
Walking on long skis in groups of five, long distance boot throwing, precise throwing, hitting the target with snowballs are only a few disciplines we got to know.

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Transnational meeting in Czech Republic

The teachers from Finland, the Czech Republic and Croatia met in the town of Valašské Meziříčí in the Czech Republic.

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Thank you

A wonderful and well organised meeting of pupils and teachers from Croatia, the Czech Republic and Finland ended on Saturday, April 25th.  .
All planned activities took place without problems. In the end we wish to thank the employees of Ludina primary school, the teachers from Finland and the Czech Republic who did at great job in organising this visit, doing the workshops and took care of their pupils. A very big thank you goes to the parents who were very generous in hosting our new friends from Finland and the Czech Republic. Another big thank you goes to the pupils who were very hard working and polite during their workshops. 

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Nature and architecture

We experienced a touch of nature on the sixth day of project activities as well. The pupils visited the area schools once more, only the groups switched. The pupils who made posters with names of vegetables and the sowing calendar, and sowed and planted vegetables in the school garden now participated in packing tea and making marigold balm, and the other way around. How was it? That is best told by the posters and books of impressions which were full of praises. 

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Plitvice lakes


Amazing.  Wonderful.  Truly beautiful. I thought  we would only look at the lakes and waterfalls from far away, but we were walking right next to them. Those were only a few commentaries from our friends from the Czech Republic and Finland after they fifth day in Croatia and their visit to Plitvice lakes national park. Thanks to good weather the walk through Plitvice was very enjoyable. Good mood followed us on the way home as well, filling the bus with song.

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A touch of nature

On the fourth day the workshops continued, only this time they took lace in area schools. Half the pupils went to Okoli, half to Gornja Vlahinička. In Okoli they learned names of fruits and vegetables in each other's languages, made a sowing calendar and posters with fruits and vegetables. The main activity comprised of planting a couple of rows in the garden, where they planted onions, strawberries, and sowed salad and other vegetables.

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The learning continues in good company

On the second day the pupils participated in the same workshops, but with a different rotation. Now every pupil participated in every workshop. All impressions were positive. All pupils and teachers were pleased to have participated in such a wonderful event. 

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A busy start

On their second day the pupils participated in several workshops. Working in small mixed groups they had fun and learned a lot of new things about each other. They visited the Moslavačka priča estate, where they learned about the rich history of the estate, the traditional architecture, and plant and wildlife of this area. Gallery.

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Welcome to Croatia

Our dear and long awaited guests arrived in Velika Ludina. With a carefully planned trip they meet on Budapest airport and then together traveled to Ludina. On a sunny afternoon of April 19 around 17:30 the Czech bus parked in front of the Ludina elementary school . The students (33) and their teachers (9) from the Czech Republic and Finland came as part of the Erasmus + KA2 project. They will stay in the Ludina all week and participate in various workshops and excursions.

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Making a wooden house

First, the teacher draws a house on paper. He shows the proposal to children. Then we move into the workshop and divide into 6 groups. The first group measures the wood according to the design. The second group cuts wood and gives it to the third or fourth group, according to the size of the wood. The third and the fourth group draws, where the fifth group is supposed to cut. The difference between the third and the fourth group is also the template according to which we draw. The fifth group carves what you the previous two groups sketched. The sixth group sands down the cut wood. Then we will paint the parts together to make them even more beautiful. We will compose the house to see if it is complete. And then we will prepare it for a trip to Croatia.


Linda Lattová, 6.A

An excursion to the partner company UNIPAR

On February 16 members the Erasmus + team visited the firm UNIPAR, which produces candles from special powder and wax.

This firm was established in 1992 and in this moment it has 12 employees.

They produce the candles for the Czech market and for export too.

In the past the owner of the firm UNIPAR worked in a firm which produced candles on a special machine, but this firm was going to bankrupt and only this special machine remained. The owner of the firm UNIPAR bought this machine and established his own firm UNIPAR.

It was nice for us to visit the firm. Mrs. Markéta Vémolová, our teacher, was on the visit together with us.


Kateřina Fučková and Lara Dostalová,

translation Kačka Fučková

Finnish log houses

Pupils of class 6 in Alakylä school have studied facts about Finnish log houses. With the help of their teachers Pekka Kivelä and Matti Vesa the kids have learnt about building strategies of log houses within their technical work lessons. The pupils made the structure of the houses, built up the walls of the log houses as well as the roof. They will also make a door frame, windows and other details in the log houses. All the parts of the house are made of wood. Pupils will make altogether 3 Finnish log houses, 2 of which will be given to our project partners in Croatia and Czech Republic. For transport the building blocks will be numbered, the parts of the houses will be separated from each other and the houses will be re-assembled in their future home schools. The pupils have enjoyed the building task very much.

Project logo

Students have selected logo of the project.
From all three schools we have received the best three works submitted for the logo of the project. The students could choose from the nine best works submitted for the logo of the project. After the elections in all three schools and adding up the final points we have got a winner. Of course, it is important to note that students from Croatian could not vote and give points works from Croatian. Like the other students, no one could vote for works from their country. And it turned out very interesting. Logo of the project came from Finland.

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Excursion to TRIDAS s.r.o.

Our Erasmus + pupils went to see our partner company Tridas on 12th January with Ms. Markéta Vémolová. The excursion was interesting and informative. The company makes different packages from wood and paper. These products are sent to Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and to our country.

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Czech company Tridas cooperates with our project

On Thursday 20 November  2014 Czech project team and the headmaster held a meeting with the owner of company Tridas from Valašské Meziříčí - Ing. Martin Červenka. He promised to cooperate on our project. The company has been in Valašské Meziříčí for 10 years and their production deals with packaging materials. They produce wood transport packaging materials as well as packages made by molded pulp technology. They supply famous companies such as Siemens or Ikea. If you want to know more about the company, look at their web page www.tridas.cz.

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Transnational meeting in Finland

Transnational meeting in Finland from 12.11 till 14.11.2014.




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