• School in Velika Ludina, Croatia
  • School in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic
  • School in Kiiminki, Finland
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Snow workshops


On Wednesday the pupils had a winter task. Spring is on its way to Oulu and Kiiminki so we looked for snow some 150 km North-East of Oulu, in the Syote National park and skiing resort.



The pupils were divided into three groups, 15 pupils each. Each group, comprised of Finnish, Czech and Croatian pupils had three tasks: using tools and snow to make buildings furniture and other objects, walking on snow in special boots intended for deep snow, and visiting a reindeer farm. 

Social skills and international cooperation were an important factor in achieving good results in each of these workshops. In order for the pupils not to hurt themselves the teachers taught them how to use the tools they needed. After an hour the first buildings started growing and other groups continued the first group's work.

The group that was out of luck was the one whose first task was to try out the snow shoes. The teacher in charge of them explained how to put them on and wear them, and how to safely walk in the through the woods. Then she told them to make their own way through the woods. Yes, the pupils walked through the woods on their own and tried to discover which walking technique will prevent them from slipping down the hill or falling face first into the snow. The following groups had an easier task, but each had to clear part of the way in their own. After 3,7 kilometers of tracking all were ready for lunch, and double dessert. The pupils from Finland knew best who to put in the lead and how to use little metal spikes on their shoes during the descent, and shared their knowledge with their friends. And since that information had to be passed to others communication in English had to be used all the time.




The reindeer farm, located only 100 kilometers from Russia, has shown the wonders that can be created working harmoniously with nature. We also discovered where Santa Claus goes on vacation after he delivers all the gifts. The reindeer living in the wild come to feed at the household of a family who's been coexisting with them for generations. The pupils discovered how the climate forced the people living there to coexist with the animals, and learned about the tools used in breeding, while especially focusing on the preservation of nature and preventing poaching. This enterprise is beneficial to both the local community and the owner of the farm, showing us an excellent example of entrepreneurship, which is important, considering that is the topic permeating all three project years.

Pikku Syote was very interesting to other pupils of our partner school as well. They spent the day skiing and snowboarding with their teachers. Three busses full of pupils returned to Kiiminki at 6 p.m. The parents awaited the pupils and took them home.

An unforgettable experience. :)




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