• School in Velika Ludina, Croatia
  • School in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic
  • School in Kiiminki, Finland
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The learning continues in good company

On the second day the pupils participated in the same workshops, but with a different rotation. Now every pupil participated in every workshop. All impressions were positive. All pupils and teachers were pleased to have participated in such a wonderful event. 

After the workshops they found some time for sporty socialising and played some basketball and football.

We were also visited by several reporters, the ambassador of the Czech Republic, representatives from the Embassy of Finland, Sisak-Moslavina county prefect deputy and Velika Ludina municipality mayor. 
In order to get to know Croatia a bit more the pupils and teachers visited Zagreb. A short walk around the city centre and upper city introduced them to several city sites, its history and architecture. The sites were interesting, but not as much as ice-cream at Vincek that followed.