• School in Velika Ludina, Croatia
  • School in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic
  • School in Kiiminki, Finland
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Thank you

A wonderful and well organised meeting of pupils and teachers from Croatia, the Czech Republic and Finland ended on Saturday, April 25th.  .
All planned activities took place without problems. In the end we wish to thank the employees of Ludina primary school, the teachers from Finland and the Czech Republic who did at great job in organising this visit, doing the workshops and took care of their pupils. A very big thank you goes to the parents who were very generous in hosting our new friends from Finland and the Czech Republic. Another big thank you goes to the pupils who were very hard working and polite during their workshops. 

The evidence of new friendships could clearly be seen on the seventh day when the goodbyes were filled with warm hugs and tears.

Good luck, until we meet again in Finland in 2016.