• School in Velika Ludina, Croatia
  • School in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic
  • School in Kiiminki, Finland
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Erasmus + last visit – from the point of view of a pupil

I am looking at pictures that I have from the project, photos that I or someone else took, while writing this and I can't stop the tears streaming down my face again. This project was an incredible part of my life and now it's gone. I will miss the teamwork. The singing, the cooking, damn, I will miss the waking up early as well. Now it's just emptiness. And I knew it's going to come when the guests came here. On Sunday the big week came. We've been preparing ourselves for this for 3 years and now it was there. I hosted 2 Finnish girls, Minka and Siiri. On Sunday we went for a walk to show them the city. On Monday in school we had a welcoming program. Showing our guests the school and introducing them to the other pupils as well.

After all of that we had workshops. I was in the dancing one first. I danced with a Croat named Toni. And because Monday was short we went for a walk to a watchtower in Jarcová and after that we went outside with other Erasmus+ pupils. On Tuesday there were next workshops. I was in the quiz one, where we could test if we learned well throughout this whole year. And guess what? We won! After lunch there was the first rehearsal for the performance. Then we went to Koliba na Pasekách and we had a snack there. We hanged out with the Finnish a lot there so we learned lots of Finnish words. When we finished the snack we went to our partners company Unipar and made a candle. In the afternoon we went swimming. It was an amazing day. I think that Wednesday was the longest and physically hardest day. We went to Trojanovice by bus then we went to Pustevny by chairlift and we walked to the mountain Radhošt. After lunch we went down to Trojanovice by the chairlift again and we went to climbing centre Tarzánie. There was a serious injury before we even started climbing and an ambulance had to come. Hannes was really brave though. Tarzánie was really hard for me, because I am afraid of heights, I had a nightmare of that after, but well, I did it. When we came back we went shopping with Venda, Anniina and Fanny. I enjoyed it. The next day we went to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm to see Walachian Museum In The Nature and Jurkovič's watchtower. After the experience I had in Tarzánie I was afraid. But it was beautiful up there. The museum was amazing for me because I love history so I really enjoyed it. We could walk around the town square after. There was a barbecue in the afternoon but I unfortunately couldn't join because I had a heat stroke. Friday was all about rehearsals because everything had to be at least perfect. We sang all the songs we learned in the four languages and I really enjoyed it. We also danced and sang what we learned in the workshops. And the last song we sang that made a lot of us cry was We Are The World. I still have to think about it: "Let's realize that a change can only come when we stand together as one, " I think that we, together, made a change. We connected 3 schools, 3 cities, 3 nations. Kiitos Finland, Hvala Croatia, Děkuji Czech Republic.


Adéla Bártková, class 8A (no mistake corrections made by the teacher)