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My week in Finland

When we travelled to Finland I actually didn't know what to expect, sure I've heard about Finland a lot, we were preparing ourselves a lot but this was different, that was it, our big day was there. I was happy, excited, I couldn't wait to be there. 
And then after a long day we finally arrived, met our families and travelled to our new homes. I already knew that this is going to be a great week.
Me and Vašek were kinda tired so there was no big plan for that day, we just went to check out the school, when we came back we had a great dinner in our new family. We really liked the family. We went to bed at about 10 o'clock.
It was great that the school started at 8:45 in the morning, because we could sleep till 8 o'clock and that was awesome! 

The first day was about introducing. We also had a great greeting program and we got some nice presents. Then we played games and it was really original and interesting.
On Tuesday we were cooking, decorating a cookie and making an ad. I really enjoyed this. In the evening we went to play bowling with our sisters and brother, I wasn't scoring at all but it was fun, then we went to McDonald's and ate some ice cream. 
Wednesday was a long day for us, but it was really fun. We had a winter day to show us how's the winter in Finland. We walked on the snow shoes, we visited a reindeer farm and we had a snow workshop. I liked the workshop the most, we build a bridge together with Bruno, Barbara and Marino and it was really great. There was also a barbeque I am not really sure if it was on Wednesday (because everything's kinda blurry now and as someone once said we don't remember days we remember moments) but I will act like if it was. It was amazing! We played a game, we sang and some boys were jumping on the trampoline. There's also a picture that the father took, I had a good time there.
On Thursday we played some games and I made another friends. Then in the evening we were on a climbing wall, I was kinda bad in that but my Finnish sister Sanni made me keep trying so I climbed one of them, it was hard but I made it and I was really proud of myself.
Friday was a long day too, we were in a church and three different factories, we also were in a mall, out of all I think I liked the church the most, it was really beautiful. 
In the evening there was a goodbye path in the park. Everyone was happy, at the start it was a really nice place and we liked it but then as people were slowly leaving there were more and more hugs and more and more people were crying, because this experience changed us and those people changed us, we knew that when we will come home we will be someone else and now the people that changed us were leaving. It was also kinda confusing when we were hugging because nobody knew who's leaving at all. When we came back we rode a four-wheel motorbike and it was amazing! I wasn't good at it at first but then I became better, it was amazing and hopefully I will learn to ride it one day. And after that there was another goodbye party in the Häkli family's house so we could meet a few friends once again, but we also had to say goodbye again.
I don't know what to say about Saturday, it was a sad day for me, because we were leaving now, and as we were flying above Finland I realised that this is really the end, that was it, that was Finland, and now it's gone and I am different. That was Finland, loving, beautiful, caring. It's a cold country but the people there have got a warm heart. Thank you Finland.
I was crying a lot when we were leaving. 
"It happens sometimes that one is crying when he already tied someone to himself"- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.



Adéla Bártková, 7.A.